Patrick Swayze Jokes

Patrick Swayze has agreed to make a sequel to Ghost.
They start filming tomorrow.

What have Patrick Swayze and Stevie Wonder got in common?
Neither of them will see Christmas!

Why isn't Patrick Swayze going to make it to the Oscars next year?
Because he's not a very good actor.

Whats black and doesn't work?
Patrick Swayze's Pancreas!

Why did Whoopi Goldberg say "It's too soon."?
Some asked her if she has heard from Patrick Swayze

What did Kanye West say at patrick swayze's funeral?
"I'll let you get back to your funeral in a minute. but Michael Jackson had the best death of the year."

Why shouldn't we feel bad about Patrick Swayze's death?
Because he had the time of his life!

Why is Patrick Swayze's death ironic?
Dirty Cancer beat Dirty Dancer!

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