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Paris Hilton Conan O'Brien Jokes

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Paris Hilton has trademarked the words "thatís hotĒ. In a related story Paris Hiltonís doctors have trademarked the words "thatís contagiousĒ.
-- Conan OBrien

"It's been reported that Paris Hilton frequently takes off her engagement ring and lets it be passed around for different people to touch. Paris says, 'I want my ring to have the same experiences that I've had.'"

"In a recent interview, Paris Hilton said she plans on retiring in two years. Hilton said, 'For once I'd like to lie back, put my feet up and have nobody between them.'"

"To raise money for charity, Paris Hilton was photographed recently wearing nothing but high heels. When asked about it, Paris said, 'Since it was for a good cause I decided to put on high heels.'"

"Media watchdogs are outraged over a new Carl's Jr. ad that features a bikini-clad Paris Hilton hosing down a car while eating a burger. The ad is racy but not as offensive as the ads Paris did for Oscar Meyer wieners."

"Paris Hilton's movie, 'House of Wax' made over 12 million dollars on its opening weekend. Which makes it Paris Hilton's second biggest opening."

"In a new interview, Paris Hilton says she doesn't want to be known as 'the Hilton Hotel girl' her whole life. Which is good because most people know her as 'the night vision porno tramp.'"

"President Bush said he doesn't really celebrate New Year's Eve and plans on being in bed by 9:30. Meanwhile, Paris Hilton says she does celebrate New Year's Eve and plans on being in bed by 9:30." --Conan O'Brien

"Interesting tidbit for you, over half of the adults in the United States say they get their news about the presidential election from the Internet. Not surprisingly, the most popular website is Swift Boat Veterans for Paris Hilton." --Conan O'Brien 

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