Octo Mom Jokes

Q: What is the name of Nadya Suleman's new reality show?
A1: Eight is Never Enough
A2: 14 Kids On Welfare!

Q: Who are the nannies Nadya Suleman Octuplets accused of spying and attemping to steal her octuplets?
A: Angelina Jolie, Madonna, and Mia Farrow!

Q: Why did Nadya Suleman end her short-lived career as a stripper?
A: Her water kept breaking during the lap dances!

Q: Whats in the new Octo-Mom Slam at Denny's?
A: 14 eggs, no sausage, and the guy next to you has to pay for it!

Q: How is the bad economy affecting Nadya Suleman?
A: The Octomom switched to a generic brand of semen.

Q: How do you know Nadya Suleman's is getting pretty desperate for money?
A: Four of her kids are already working for Nike!

Q: What's the name of the porn movie about Nadya Suleman's life?
A1: Nadya Croft...Womb Raider
A2: Eight Ain't Enough
A3: Big Tits and Stretchmarks
A4: Insemination Station
A5: Octopussy
A6: Octouterus
A7: The Other Grand Canyon
A8: Sperms Of Endearment

Q: Why did the Octomom smell like a gym shoe? 
A: She had 16 feet in her vagina.

Q: What did Bill Clinton say to Nadya Suleman?
A: It's amazing how much trouble a little sperm can get you into.

Q: Why doesn't Nadya have any eggs in her house?
A: All sixteen of them are outside running around outside playing Hide and Seek.

Q: What should Michael Phelps marry Nadya Suleman?
A: He has a gold medal for each of her babies.

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