Nicole Richie Jokes

Q: What did a team of doctors studying Nicole Richie's eating habits conclude?
A: She should eat foods rather than cocaine and vodka!

Q: Why isn't Nicole Richie worried about going to jail after being found guilty of her latest DUI charge?
A: She's pretty good at walking between the bars!.

Q: What was the movie "Superbad" originally about?
A: A heart-warming tale about Nicole Richie's eating habits!

Q: Why wasn't Nicole Richie really drunk when driving her Mercedes SUV on the wrong side of the highway?
A: She was just a little woozy because I haven't eaten in months!

Q: What's the new CBS sitcom 50 lbs about?
A: Nicole Richie's weight!

Q: Why was Nicole Richie released from jail after only 82 minutes?
A: She was only sentenced to jail for 2 minutes a pound!

Q: Why isn't Nicole Richie pregnant?
A: She just mistakening ate a tic-tac!

Q. Why were Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie fired from their Simple Life job at a banana company?
A. They threw out all of the bent ones.

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