Kurt Cobain Jokes

Q: Did You know that Kurt Cobain had realy bad dandruff?
A: Yes, they found his 'Head and Shoulders' behind the couch.

Q: Why did Nirvana stop doing press conferences?
A: Because Kurt was always shooting his mouth off...

Q. What does a whale and Kurt Cobain have in common?
A. They both have holes in their heads

Q: How does Kurt Cobain collect his thoughts?
A: With a dust buster.

Q: Why doesn't Kurt Cobain ever drive?
A: Cause he'd rather just ride shotgun.

Q: What Beatles song ruined Kurt Cobains life?
A: "All You Need Is Courtney Love".

Q: What colour were Kurt Cobain's eyes?
A: Blue (one blew this way, one blew that way!)

Q: What has more brains than Kurt Cobain?
A: The wall behind him!

Q: What was the last thing that went through Kurt Cobain's mind when he shot himself?
A: The roof of his mouth.

Q: What was Kurt Cobain's greatest release?
A: The safety button

Q: What was Kurt Cobain's last hit?
A: The floor

Q: What does Kurt Cobain want for Christmas?
A: His two front teeth.

Q: What would Kurt Cobain do if he were here right now?
A: Stink!

Kurt Cobain doesn't like super heroes but is partial to heroines.

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