Jon & Kate Plus 8 Jokes

Q: Why should people be worried about Jon & Kate Gosselin's divorce being finalized?
A: Now they are free to go out & make others miserable.

Q: Why did South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford spend the weekend hiking along the Appalachian Trail?
A: He was upset that Jon and Kate were getting a divorce!

Q: Why are the unemployed lining up to date Kate Gosselin?
A: Because all they can think about is how many foodstamps they can get for 8 kids!

Q: What show is replacing Jon & Kate Plus 8 on TLC?
A: Tiger Woods Plus 14!

Q: Why is Kate Gosselin trying to finalize her divorce with Jon?
A: So she no longer has to be Tiger Wood's mistress!

Q: What's the name of the new TLC show starring Jon & Kate?
A1: Jon & Kate Plus Hate
A2: Jon & Kate plus 8 Jewish attorneys
A3: Divided By 2 Attorneys

Q: Why is Jon Gosselin stating that Kate gave him a STD?
A: It's one of the worst kind, the kind you receive after getting the first child support bill!

Q: How do you know Kate Gosselin's getting pretty desperate for money?
A: Four of her kids are already working for Nike!

Q: What should Michael Phelps marry Kate Gosselin?
A: He has a gold medal for each of her kids!

Q: What motto does Kate Gosselin live by?
A1: Money can't buy everything... but then again neither can no money.
A2: Men are like bank accounts. Without a lot of money, they don't generate much interest.

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