George Michael Jokes

Q: Why is George Michael's 8 week jail sentence too harsh?
A: He has to serve the sentence in a women's prison!

Q: What do George Michael and Bill Cosby have in common?
A: They both have brown dicks...

Q: Why was George Michael's automobile insurance canceled?
A: He was rear-ended too many times.

Q: What's the title of George Michael's new single?
A: 8 weeks in a Chocolate Factory!

Q: What has George Michael got in common with the Chilean miners?
A: Both will be free after 8 weeks of heavy drilling.

Q: Why is the real world going to be harsher than George Michael's 8 week jail sentence?
A: Because now he has to solicit sex on a Razor scooter!

Q: What's the difference between George Michael and a Microwave?
A: A microwave stops when you open the door!

Q: How did George Michael find out he was dyslexic?
A: He misread the sign "Have a walk in our park."

Q: What has Evel Kenevil and George Michael got in common?
A: Both have skid marks on their helmets.

Q: Why did George Michael never get married?
A: Because he couldn't fit two in a sun bed!

Q: What's white, jelly like and runs down a public toilet wall?
A: George Michael's latest release!

Q: Have you heard that George Michael was found dead in the toilet?
A: Apparently the cause of death was a massive stroke!

Q: What are George Michael's favourite Baseball teams?
A: The Expos and the Yanks!

Q: Why isn't George Michael allowed to vote?
A: Because he can't go into a cubicle alone!

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