David Carradine Jokes

Q: What is David Carradine's favorite game?
A: Hangman

Q: What do David Carradine and black men have in common?
A: They are both well hung.

Q: Why did David Carradine have a porno in his car?
A: Because it was Auto-Erotic

Q: Is it true that David Carradine is hung like an elephant?
A: No, they don't hang elephants in Thailand.

Q: What's the difference between David Carradine and Heath Ledger?
A: Nothing, now.

Q: What's the difference between David Carradine and David Carradine jokes?
A: The jokes will get old.

Q: What's David Carradine's favorite song?
A: One night in Bangkok.

Q: What type of memorial service will David Carradine have?
A: A Kung Funeral

Q: What is David Carradine's favorite Chinese food dish?
A: Egg foo hung myself.

Q: Why didn't David Carradine cross the road?
A: Because he hung himself last night.

Q: What do David Carradine's neck and penis have in common?
A: A rope.

Q: How is the Thailand government honoring David Carradine?
A: By changing the capital city name "Hangkok"?

Not Around
Any one ever wonder why Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee and David Carridene are not around.
Cause upchuck norris would not even be know'n if they were.
Makes me wonder who put the pills on the table,the bullet in the gun and the rope around someones neck.
If this is hollywoods answer to real fighters sad.

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