David Blaine Jokes

Q: What did Saddam say when he came out of his hole?
A: Did I beat David Blaine?

Q: What do you call it when you or I don't eat for a day? Anorexia. 
A: What do you call it when David Blaine doesn't eat for 44 days? Magic!

Q : What happens when you hold a mirror up to David Blaine's tank?
A : He thinks it's another magician and tries to attack it.

Q: What has six sides and thinks it's Jesus?
A: David Blaine in a plexi-glass box.

Q: Why did David Blaine cross the road? 
A: Does he ever really have a reason for anything he does?

Q: Is David Blaine's box bullet-proof? 
A: It doesn't really matter. He's David Blaine, he's impervious to bullets.

Q: How is David Blaine different than Bea Arthur? 
A: One is an elderly woman with a deep voice, the other is named Bea.

Q: Why didn't David Blaine run in the California recall election?
A: Because he knew he couldn't beat Gary Coleman.

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