Al Gore Jokes

Q: What's the difference between Al Gore and a slab of formica?
A: Absolutely nothing. 

Q: Why is Al Gore so commited to protecting the environment?
A: On July 8, 1947, witnesses claim a spaceship with five aliens aboard crashed on a sheep-and-cattle ranch outside Roswell, the next day Al Gore was born....draw your own conclusion.

Q: Did You hear about the Nobel Peace Prize won by Al Gore?
A: In a stunning reversal, the Supreme Court awarded it to George Bush.

Q: Why was Al Gore the best vice president we have ever had?
A: He replaced a guy who couldn't spell 'potato' and was followed by a guy who shot someone in the face.

Q: How fat has Al Gore gotten since his presidential run?
A: So fat that Bill Clinton is thinking of hitting on him!

Q: How does Al Gore get to sleep?
A: He counts ballot papers.

Q: How can you spot Al Gore in a bunch of Secret Service agents?
A: He's the stiff one.

Q: What's the difference between Al Gore and Socialism?
A: He uses the phrase Social Entitlements instead.

Q. Why is Al Gore pissed at JFK Jr.?
A. He didn't like him polluting the water. 

Q: How dull is Al Gore?
A: His secret service code name is Al Gore!

Q: Why did Al Gore get a nipple ring?
A: He heard that George Bush got a Dick Cheney.

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