Three Sausages Joke

There's this butcher and one day as he turned to go home a dog stopped him an d there was a note in his mouth.
The note read "Can I have a steak and three sausage links please?"
The butcher took the note and gathered the things.
When he turned back around he was surprised to see a twenty dollar bill in the dog's mouth.
The dog grabbed the meat in a bag and padded off.
The astounded baker closed up shop and followed the amazing dog.
The pair soon came to a bus stop. The dog looked at the schedule and sat down on the bench.
The first bus came and the dog got up and trotted over to the front of the bus, looked at the number and sat back down.
Another bus came and again the dog looked at the bus number and saw it was the right one.
He got on, the butcher closely following. The bus rumbled on and the dog jumped up walked to the front of the bus, leaped up and grabbed the leaver to stop the bus.
As the dog got out with the butcher in tow he set down the meat at the beggining of a walkway and ran all the way up and banged his head against the door of a nice house.
The dog did it again and hopped up on a fence to peer in the window. The canine knoked on the window with his head and jumped back to the end of the walkway, grabbed the meat and walked up to the door.
The door opened and a man walked out and started to yell at the dog.
The butcher ran up to stop him. The butcher said" what are you doing? This dog is amazing,"
"What are you talking about, This is the second time he's forgot his key!"

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