Second Chance Joke

One day there was a gay guy, a robber and a drunk.
They were living their life and one day the gay guy did his deed and poof he is gone.
Then the robber goes and robs a bank and poof he's gone.
Then the drunk gets drunk at a bar and poof he's gone.
When they were up in heaven and begging god can for another chance, god relents but warns all three men "You cannot repeat your mistakes at all"
They all said okay so god sends them down to earth.
The drunk thinks for a moment and says "I will just step into a bar there is no way god can see me"
So as soon as he steps foot in poof hes gone
Then the gay guy and the robber are walking when the thief sees a 20 dollar bill and says "If it is just laying on the ground it is not stealing"
So he bends down to pick it up and poof poof they are both gone.

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