Pounds of Dynamite Joke

A strong man barges into a bar feeling all pumped up to bang a chick.

He is confronted with this sexy bimbo waitress who falls head over heals for him.

The guy shows off his muscles and winks at this girl, she responds with A flying kiss of her own.

This continues for a while when fianlly the girl invites this dude to sleep with her at her place.

He accepts gleefully.

In the room

The girl is lying on the bed and the hunk starts to strip off.

He takes off his shirt pointing towards his biceps, says

"Look at them, these are one thousand pounds of dynamite"

The girl gets blown away at this sight.

Next goes off his pants and the focus is on his thighs, saying

"Look at them, these are one thousand pounds of dynamite"

Now she's starting to get wet and all ready for the trailor to ride home as the only thing left are the underpants.

Muscle maniac pulls out the jack pot and lets loose of his jumbo.

On sight of his dick the girl,

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh........... Get away from me" runs away.

The guy eventually catches up and asks

"What the hell happened?"

Girl "Danger! Danger! I had to go, I was scared"

Guy "What do you mean?"

Girl "With two thousand pounds of dynamite and such a short fuse

I thought you were about to explode"

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