Middle of the Ocean Joke

A Russian, a Mexican, and a White guy are stranded in the middle of the ocean.
The Russian takes out a bottle of the finest Vodka, chugs a third of the bottle and throws the rest overboard.
The beaner and white guy scream "Why did you do that? Why not share."
The Russian replies, "Don't worry, we have plenty of that in Russia.
When we are rescued we'll have all the Vodka we would ever need.
Hearing this the Beaner gets out a huge joint, lights it up, takes several long tokes and tosses the rest overboard.
He gets the same reaction from the other two.
To which he replies, "Don't worry, we have more than enough smoke to go around in Mexico."
After several minutes, the white guy goes to the beaner, picks him up and tosses him overboard.
"Don't worry, we have plenty of those where I come from too."

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